The importance of partnerships

For several years, Brecav has been collaborating with the prestigious Casa di Borgo Panigale, Ducati Corse, for the development and supply of spark plug cables for the World Superbike championship.

Started with the development and production for the 1098F and today for the new F12 engine that will run in the next championships.

The alliance with Ducati is based on the same way of interpreting the production and the relational style, in fact 'the same approach to the construction of the best competition bikes and 10 same that Brecav leads to build their own candle cables, combining materials of the highest quality and advanced based on standards of excellence'

Brecav has also sponsored the Ducali Junior Team in the past years and thanks to this he met the world of Ducati Corse. The Junior Team gave a lot of satisfaction both on the track and the circuits. Niccolo Canepa, Ducati Junior Team rider, has won the Superstock 1000 World Cup competition. Now the champion bike is exhibited in the museum of Borgo Panigale, together with Stoner, Bayliss, Corser, Fogarty and lutte Ie aller bikes that have won a campioanlo with Ducati, the Australian Brendan Roberts won the 2008 competition and the Belgian Xavier Simeon II world championship 2009.

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